Bookkeeping & Audit Services



1.1. Statutory Audits

Every company registered under the laws of Thailand are required to have its financial statements annually audited by a qualified certified public accountant of Thailand. In other words, financial audits are statutorily required. Our financial auditing services include the following. (Note: Not all of the following are statutorily required.)

•  Statutory audit (Mandatory)

•  Audit or review of consolidation packages

•  BOI audit

•  Consulting on accounting principals


1.2. Internal Audit Services

Our internal auditing services include the following:

•  Internal audit

•  Internal audit support

•  Internal control review



Our Thai certified public accountants who have experience working at "Big Four" audit firms as well as for Thai subsidiaries of prominent multinational companies will provide your Thai subsidiary with bookkeeping, tax compliance and payroll services. We have English speaking professionals who will provide you with international services.


Typically, we will collect all your supporting documents (e.g. invoices and receipts) on a monthly basis, record journal entries, prepare monthly financial reports, calculate payments to employees, and pay taxes as they come due. The following are further details of what we can handle for your company in Thailand.


2.1. Financial reporting

We can prepare financial reports on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Our reports will generally be in accordance with Thai accounting standards.


2.2. Tax compliance (Tax filing)

•  Form Por. Por. 30 (Monthly VAT returns)

•  Form Por. Ngor. Dor. 1 (Employee payroll withholding tax return)

•  Form Por. Ngor. Dor. 3 (Withholding tax return, such as if there were payments to individuals)

•  Form Por. Ngor. Dor. 53 (Withholding tax return)

•  Form Por. Ngor. Dor. 51 (Half-year corporate income tax return)

•  Form Por. Ngor. Dor. 50 (Yearly corporate income tax return)

•  Form Sor. Bor. Chor. 3 (Application form to submit audited financial statements)

•  Form BOJ 5 (Registration of the shareholder list)

•  Other required forms, such as for Social Security, etc.


2.3. Payroll Services

We will calculate the monthly withholding tax amounts for your employees, and perform other relevant work, such as calculation of Social Security, updating the salary record book, etc.